Flat GA, Block 11, Caperidge Drive, Discovery Bay

From Central:
Bikes are welcome on the Discovery Bay ferry which leaves from Central Ferry Pier number 3.  Ferries leave every 20-30 minutes daily.  Exiting the ferry pier turn left, left again on to the DB main road.  The Bike Energy Lab is a 2 minute bike ride on the left.

Schedule here

From Cheung Tung Road / DB Tunnel Toll plaza:
Cyclists are not permitted to ride through the DB Tunnel but bikes are permitted in the cargo hold of the airport bus.  The airport bus reaches the DB Tunnel 15 minutes after departing the airport, thus at every :15 and :45 on the hour.  Cyclists must then disembark and claim their bike after the trip through the tunnel.

A bike can also be carried on any commuter bus (DB01R, DB03R, DB03P) using an innexpensive bike bag to cover it, available from the Bike Energy Lab. Here's a video of how it works.

After getting off the bus, ride along DB main road, past DB Plaza, then turn left on Caperidge Drive to the The Bike Energy Lab.  The location is listed in Google Maps.

There is also a Saturday morning bike shuttle to take cyclists from the DB Tunnel Toll plaza through the tunnel, typically at 9:30 each Saturday morning.  Please contact bike.energy@gmail.com to confirm.

From Mui Wo:
Bikes are welcome on the Mui Wo Kai To service. It departs from the steps just to the right of the Mui Wo ferry pier. Fare $22 with bike. Ferry schedule here.

The Mui Wo ferry arrives at Marina Avenue in Discovery Bay (Nim Shue Wan).  Go towards DB Plaza on Marina Ave., take the first right, then the next left.  A 2 minute ride.

By Taxi:  
Taxis can now enter Discovery Bay and drop off customers at the DB North Plaza, which makes this a good option for getting in to DB with a bike from anywhere in Hong Kong.  Most taxis will accept one or two bikes but it is at the driver's discretion. Taxis do not get charged any DB tunnel fee.  To get to the Bike Energy Lab from the North Plaza, ride up the Siena Hill, turn left on to the DB main road and continue to Caperidge Drive.

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