Bike Fitting Services

Bike Fitting Services

All Bike Energy Lab fittings include dynamic fit adjustments, Retul 3D motion capture with video feedback, a post-fit digital 13-point digital bike scan, and a comprehensive post-fit report via Email.


Tri or Road fitting with Retul Motion Capture


  • Assess cycling experience, goals, flexibility, and injuries.
  • Limb and skeletal measurements.
  • Warm up on trainer.
  • Evaluate position, comfort, and efficiency
  • Adjust componentry as needed.
  • Perform Foot-Pedal Interface Analysis
  • Record changes and adjustments as needed.
  • Record new position.



* Please inquire about discounts provided for word-of-mouth referrals, web referrals, and to members of specific cycling and triathlon clubs.


Foot-Pedal Interface Analysis with Motion Capture


Unlike running shoes, nearly all cycling shoes are made similarly, with a flat last, and no consideration of different foot types. The foot-pedal fit ensures your cleats are positioned properly to match your natural biomechanics. Adjustments are made to optimize cleat position. Shims, wedges and footbeds are used where necessary to create the most aligned and powerful position possible.

Service includes:

  • Saddle positioning
  • Check knee alignment
  • Cleat medial-lateral (side/side) adjustment
  • Cleat fore-aft adjustment
  • Cleat rotation adjustment
  • Cleat canting (varus/valgus)
  • Insole and pedal recommendations

Free when conducted with a road or tri fit.


Stand Alone: HK$980
For existing customers only, assumes full fitting previously done.

With Fitting: Free
For first pair of shoes.

New Cleat Precision Installation: HK$128 (not including cleats and wedges)
If you've done a fitting with us, we'll have all your fitting and cleat coordinates and can install new cleats on your existing, or new shoes.  Simply mail them to us via Registered or Express post and we'll ship them back, usually within a day.  We can also often repair old but loved shoes and replace rusty nuts.


Road or Tri Re-fit


A while has passed since you were last fitted to your bike.  Perhaps you are much fitter, more competitive, or your situation has somehow changed. If you have previously done a road or tri bike fit with us, and you are still on the same equipment, you qualify for a discounted re-fit.


20% off the price of a regular fitting

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