New Bike Consultation

New Bike Consultation

Buying a new bike these days can be a very daunting task, even for an experienced cyclist. These are just a few of the many questions you may need to address before buying a new bike. A consultation with the Bike Energy Lab will help you identify which advertised features are marketing gimmickry, and which will have a real impact on the suitability and performance of a prospective bike as it affects you, the customer.

  • What modulus of carbon is right for me?
  • How stiff should my new bike be?
  • What's the difference between a long/low bike and a tall/short bike?
  • Sram, Shimano, or Campagnolo?
  • BB30 or external cup bottom bracket?
  • How much time or power can I save on a time trial from the aerodynamic features of a bike?
  • What's a Kamm Tail?
  • What are the benefits of electronic shifting?
  • Is it worth getting aero carbon wheels?
  • What size do I need?

We take you through our entire bike fitting process and determine your history and goals.  We can simulate most bikes on our Exit-USA fitting bike. We help you identify frames that specifically match your morphology and your riding objectives, and let you know how they will feel before you even step in to a bike shop. 

We have often seen customers walk in to our studio with recently purchased bikes that were clearly one or two sizes off.  If you are considering buying a new bike, getting fitted before getting that new bike can be a very smart thing to do.

We take the worry and hassle out purchasing a new bike, and because we are completely independent from any bike shop, our only objective is getting you the right bike.  We don't try and sell you a bike we happen to have in stock, and we don't try to up-sell you components you might not need.  We are an advocate for you.

Because we fit so many customers, we can also offer you discounts through a network of local dealers offering top brands, up to 20% off the listed prices, with no bickering and no protracted negotiating required. In nearly all cases , the fitting service more than pays for itself since you get a better price than you would have otherwise, and best of all, you know that you will end up with a bike that fits properly.


Free with a full bike fitting, for a limited time.

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