Training with Power

Training with Power

Nearly all cycling and triathlon coaches agree that training with power is essential for any serious cyclist or triathlete. Power data provides the missing link, information that can take athletes to that next level and add a full dimension to the data already readily available from GPS and heart rate monitors.

Any bike shop can sell you a powermeter.  However, only the Bike Energy Lab can show you how to use it to its fullest potential.

Training with power may seem complex, but it can be made easy if you purchase your power meter with us. We provide a turn-key service that can tell you:

  • what powermeter is right for you;
  • how to set it up;
  • how to chose and install the data anaylsis software;
  • how to determine your power at lactate threshold (Functional Threshold Power, or FTP) with a wattage-based field test, and,
  • we help you set up an initial training program for the first month.

We know how because we've trained with power for years, and we only sell what we know works, because it's what we use.

Our experience and technical knowledge make us the most knowledgeable place to get your Powermeter in Asia.


Free with the purchase of a power meter, for a limited time.

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