After the fitting, had my best bike spilt in 6 years!

Olaf Kasten (based in Hong Kong, Business and Executive Advisor and Coach, Investor, multiple Kona finisher, multiple 70.3 podium winner, Ironman PB 8h48)

Hey Tony, just came back from the race in Taiwan last week and things worked out quite well on the bike. Now I can feel that I am fully adapted to my settings and feeling good after the 90km ride on the aero bar. I was able to shave off 15 min from my bike split and still hanging there with the run. Many thanks for your help.

Carlson Lam

That comfortable position on the bike was what I needed for a strong marathon.

Stefano Passarello (Hong Kong-based entrepreneur, Ironman World Championship Kona finisher and marathon age group record holder)

Haven't changed a thing.

Ranard Picard (multiple Ironman World Championship Kona finisher, Kona 2nd place M35-39, 5th overall age group finisher)

I have done two rides since the bike fit. The bike feels great. It is much more comfortable in the aero position and feels faster too!

Todd Vangeest

If you're looking for a bike fitting for any type of bike, look no further than Bike Energy Lab. Tony is professional, friendly, and patient. He epitomizes the definition of customer service which specifically, for me, meant answering all of my very random questions about anything bike related. I found his advice to be candid and honest and appreciated most when he directed me to specific places for products that Bike Energy Lab could not source. I would recommend Bike Energy Lab to anyone in the market for a bike fitting, getting parts for your bike, or even for general advice before going out and spending your hard earned money on a new ride.

Terence Tsai (Hong Kong-based equity trader, cyclist)

Tony is extremely thorough in his approach. As a cyclist and triathlete himself he very much understands the feel of the bike in addition to knowing exactly what he's talking about too. Big thumbs up from me.

Scott Stanton (UK-based pilot, multiple Ironman 70.3 podium holder and 70.3 World Championships qualifier)

I was very grateful for your help and services. It is really good that there is a fitter like you with the right approach (as an engineer...) and also with practical bike experience!!

Roberto Veneziani (China-based consumer products executive and endurance athlete)

You'll be delighted to hear that 70.3 Taiwan last Sunday went great - rode 2.23, then followed up with a 1.29 run, to take out the AG and come 2nd Ager overall. So, thanks very much!

Richard Hall (Hong Kong-based law firm partner, local cycling club manager, multiple Kona finisher, 2nd in IM Taiwan 70.3, 2017)

One lap of Discovery Bay after a total bike fit with Mr Pringle, I averaged 3 km/hr faster over a whole lap, no knee or wrist pain.... thanks a bunch!

Ray Snazel (Hong Kong-based airline pilot)

I went out on Sunday for the first time since my bike fit. WOW, what a difference it made. Every time I sat in the tri position I FLEW !!! Best of all it was all so comfortable.

Petra Roberts

I wish I had met you before I bought the bike!

Paul Chung

Day after the TT-bike fitting. At least on Strava, just destroyed the Course Record. That's a good start and I wasn't even warmed up!! Told u it feels fast, you're the man behind !!:)

Paolo Caputo (Hong Kong and Italy-based Project Manager, Coach and Mentor for Pro Continental Team X-Speed United)

Fantastic job. It felt great from the beginning and all the tweaking was right on the spot. You really know what you're doing. And by the way, I was flying on the bike on race day. The position is so comfortable and powerful. Man, I owe you a lot. And running after that was good. It's good to know I have someone so reliable and professional in 'my village'. See you on the road.

Olivier Baillet (UK-based triathlon coach, multiple Kona qualifier, winner Taiwan 70.3)

I was flying on my new bike. And although it was my first time on a Tri bike and in aero bars, I had no issues after our 2.5h ride, no sore muscles, no fatigue etc. and I rode 75% in the aero bars. It was just the natural thing to do. Even the hills are no problem!

Nora Senn

Tony was very good in understanding my needs and objectives and clearly understands what it takes to get into an efficient yet comfortable time trial position on my TT bike. The fitting service was very professional and I now have a good set of fitting data to use for future TT bike builds.

Mike Pryde (New Zealand-based cyclist, and owner CHAPTER2 Bikes)

Just wanted to thank you again for fitting my bike. I can't stop smiling while I'm riding her now. I'm so comfortable and have way more power. I cut 15 minutes off my PB and I can't wait to take her out when I'm on form.

Kerensa Choi

I think I am on course to becoming your most satisfied customer ever, because I probably had a lot more room for improvement than your average customer! My cycling has been completely transformed by your bike fit last week. I just did a timed route around Discovery Bay to compare my speed with what I was doing a month ago. Total time cut from 41:41 to 35:58, average speed increased from 19.3kph to 22.3kph, which is about 15% faster! (That’s even though I am less fit and the weather is warmer.) I am also in MUCH less discomfort. I was previously getting sore shoulders at 25 minutes, now no soreness at all. Being faster and more comfortable is a great encouragement to do more cycling. THANKS!

Jenny Buck

Thanks for the great fitting done on both my road and TT bike. I have always felt weakish and not able to exert my full power on both, but after the fitting it really made a noticeable difference. Immediately post fitting on my roadbike, I was able to do PRs on a number of hills on the island and I felt more powerful as well, where I was able to hold 10-15 more watts for a longer period of time shown on my power meter. Similarly for the TT bike, it definitely felt better and I can breathe better when in aero which helped me stay in that position longer and more comfortable. Thanks again for the fitting!

Jeffrey Wei (HK-based investment banking entrepreneur, and cyclist)

For the same Heart Rate values, my normalized power has jumped by 22 watts!!

Henry de Beer, I.T.C.A Certified Triathlon Coach and Triathlete

You have to be careful, fit us too well and we may all soon ride faster than you do! Cycled around my usual route last night, not hard, and still ended up 2k per hour faster than I normally do.

Etienne Faure

On our first club training ride I went into all the breakaways and lead a few ones ... going around 38-40 kph felt really easy, which is a good sign. I went 50 kph on the flats a few times, great response from the bike. The position is much better and faster than before FOR SURE, I felt much more compact.

Erich Felbabel (Switzerland-based Sporting Goods Industry Executive, former Professional Triathlete)

So happy to report that my back didn't hurt at all today on my ride (after your fitting), which is a first. Far exceeded my expectations for the bike fit. Thanks!

Dana Duncan (3rd place AG, Phuket Challenge Tri 2013)

The position was perfect for Kona!

Anne Knecht (teacher, chronic Kona qualifier and finisher)

I took the bike out yesterday after the fitting. It was AWESOME. I can feel much more power and my back is fine!

Andrew Suan

The bike fit Tony did for me was very professional and resulted in the most comfortable and efficient position I’ve ever felt on a bike. I’m now averaging over 30km/hr for the first time. Tony has an incredible depth of knowledge on all things cycling and in addition to the actual fit, Tony advised on frame selection, wheels etc together with ideas for training regimes. I would recommend a fitting with Tony for both beginners and experienced cyclists. You will definitely benefit from the experience.

Andrew MacPherson (Hong Kong-based project management executive, cyclist)

Very good post-fitting report! I appreciate very much! Your work is worth every cent!

Alex Tripodoro

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